Saturday, February 28, 2009


A little background:  G and I have been married going on 4 years.  The first two years we lived in a nice little suburban town, renting an apartment.  Then we decided we wanted to buy a house, but our lease was going to be up before we were ready.  So, we figured we'd stay (operative word here is STAY, not LIVE) with his parents for a little while during our search.

HAHAHA!  That "little while" became a full year.  A full year living with the MILF (that's Mother in Law Factor).  Now, she is fantastic in nearly every way, but she agonizes over our weight, and I am so immature that I like to stuff my face when she's watching.  Actually, we did pretty well living there--in the fall I lost about 13 pounds and trained for a 4.5 mile run.  Then we actually bought our house, realized it needed extensive renovations, and had to live with them for another six months.  We did not do well during that time, as all our free time went into renovations rather than running and eating well.

We moved into our house in June.  The house is in the city.  And the city is glorious.  And the most glorious thing about the city is the availability of delicious food.  And all this delicious food can be delivered to your doorstep for a small fee.

At first we ordered takeout simply for research purposes.  I mean, if we were going to be good neighbors and residents, we needed to know who made the best pizza.  And the best Chinese, an the best Thai, and the best Mexican.  We also needed to check out all the pubs within walking distance.  We felt we were doing a public service, helping the economy, supporting local business.  

By the holidays, I had pretty much stopped cooking, we were spending ridiculously, and that lovely delivery man was ringing the doorbell 2 or 3 nights a week.  (The other nights we were at holiday parties or meeting friends out.)  No wonder I managed to gain back that 13 pounds, plus another 10!

Since getting back on track in January, we hadn't ordered takeout once.  Last night, we lifted the ban.  However, we did so very intentionally--it had been planned since Monday--and we didn't order pizza or wings.  We ordered Caesar salads (with grilled chicken) and seasoned baked potato wedges from the healthy Mediterranean place.  (They make a yolk-free dressing for their salad and bake everything rather than frying.)

Oh my goodness.  It was so delicious.  I had set aside the points I roughly estimated I'd be eating, and I felt no guilt at all.  And at the end of the meal, instead of spending our usual 20 minutes cleaning up, we just swept everything into the trash can.  What a treat!  The only times I haven't cooked in the last two months have been times we've had plans with other people, so letting loose with just G and me on a Friday night felt like something really special.  Funny, I never enjoyed it this much before.

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