Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Thursday night and I've been exercising and eating healthy all week!  

That's really all I have to say, other than to wish everyone out there in the blogosphere well with their own endeavors, whatever they are.

Oh!  And this: I bought a Pilates mat last weekend and have been doing one of the On Demand Pilates videos (I think it's called Total Body Pilates, 20 minutes long, perky redheaded instructor who reminds me of her) and was wondering what other people's experiences with Pilates are. This video is pretty low-key, and I actually enjoy it, which makes me think it must not be doing much for me in the way of fat-burning.  It seems like a good option, though, for a day off from the treadmill.  Anyone had their life changed by Pilates?

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  1. After years away, I rejoined the Y so I could take their yoga and Pilates classes; my first Pilates was last night, and I absolutely loved it. I'm not the most coordinated person so I work really hard to remember all the steps (keep your tummy tucked, exhale at this point, inhale here, where's your tummy, keep those shoulders away from the ears, spine straight, and don't let go of your tummy). When I tried to replicate the class with Brooks Siler's The Pilates Body, I just couldn't make myself work as hard without the peer pressure and the mirrors. I also really like it because if you aren't feeling it, you can easily modify to make it harder (or on other days easier). Good luck with it!