Monday, June 1, 2009

weigh in

I've lost track of what week this is...perhaps 21?  Anyway, I am up a half pound from last week, but I've been weighing daily and that was a big higher than it has been, so I feel OK.  The weekend went by in a blur of painting, staple-pulling, and, yes, eating.  No excuses, no angst.

Today I put in over an hour at the gym, on both the machines and the treadmills.  I'll be doing the same the next 3 days in preparation for my trip to Indiana for a wedding this weekend.  I have a dress that I'm excited to wear, and I'm going to look as good as I can in it!  No alcohol, no cheating from now until I put that dress on.  (OK, perhaps I won't be perfect at the rehearsal dinner, but anyway.)

I had really hoped to hit 30 pounds lost by the wedding, so I'm going to keep weighing in and if I see 181.5, even for a second, I'm claiming it!

Current Weight: 184.5
Pounds to go: 61.5

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  1. great job on your progress. keep on keepin on and stay positive :)