Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Breakdown

It's that time again!  I always look forward to The Biggest Loser so much, and then when it's over I feel strangely dissatisfied.  However, there was lots to enjoy in last night's episode.

-The godfather montage with Ron.  Don't get me wrong--I cannot stand Ron and his hypocritical self-righteous attitude, but seeing the producers play around with it was hilarious.  Where did that footage of Ron reclining with cucumbers on his eyes come from?

-Tara awesomeness.  While the contestants were competing in the challenge, I turned to G and said, "I can run 9 miles, but walking up the stairs in the subway gets me out of breath."  Then Tara said she hadn't been able to walk up the stairs at the subway either!  Maybe one day I'll be able to do the stairs at the Rose Bowl.

-Ever-shrinking Kristin.  She's one of the heaviest left, but girl is SHRINKIN'!  Holla!
Speaking of shrinking, Laura's cute chipmunk cheeks make it easy to overlook her own hardcore shrinkage.  Look at that girl's belly and legs rather than her cheeks and it'll hit you.

What I didn't like, in fact DESPISED about the episode: people's reactions at the weigh-in, particularly Allison and Jillian.  It may be that A/J had inside information that Tara really did try to throw the weigh-in, and that's why Jillian put on her death-face and Allison gave such a sad and disapproving "Thanks" to Tara.  But if they didn't have that info, then what the hell is wrong with them?  Tara's not skinny yet, but girl does NOT have much to lose, and frowning at a 3 pound loss for someone with her current frame is not only ridiculous, but dangerous.  This is my least favorite aspect of Biggest Loser, even more so than the ridiculous drawn-out editing and stupid product placement.  Another iteration of it could be seen in Mike's disappointment to only lose 5 pounds.  Of course he's going to start having his lowest losses of the game--he has so little left to lose!  He looks almost like a normal, strong, dude these days.  

What are your thoughts?  Who's going to win?  I'm pretty convinced it'll come down to Mike and Kristin.

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  1. I have missed the past few weeks, so thanks for the synopsis. I think Mike is going to win. Have a wonderful holiday.