Friday, April 24, 2009

Biggest Loser Breakdown

This is a few days late because I've been busy, but also because, as so eloquently summed up over at EW, this season is looooong and my interest is waning.  But weight loss is all about dedication and follow-through right?  So I'll make good on my plan to blog the rest of the season.

My thoughts about this week's episode:

-Ron knew exactly how that tribal council (or whatever) would go down.  He gets to keep his promise to Kathy to never write Kristin's name down, but still gets to watch his son's biggest competitor head home.  My question is this: I don't think I've ever seen anyone play as hard as Ron and Mike (haven't watched the last two seasons, though) and I'm wondering what exactly it is they're playing for.  Obviously they've both lost a ton of weight, and it seems likely that Mike especially will keep it off.  Staying on the ranch another week or two won't have that much effect.  Therefore, it seems clear that they're playing hard for the money.  Which is fine--seriously, for all the weight talk, that's what this game is about.  Anyone who says otherwise is being silly.  But Ron put so much effort early in the season into discussions of who "deserved" and "needed" to be at the Ranch that I find him a big ol' hypocrite.  The editors were right--he is totally the godfather.

-G thought Kristin was being hypocritical for going to Ron and stressing how much she needed to be there, acting as though she expected him to ignore the fact that she's a threat to Mike.  Ordinarily I'd agree.  But she was only dealing with Ron on the higher ground he himself claimed early in the game.  Is it clear yet that I think he's a scuzzball?

-So who's going to win?  Probably Mike.  Numerically speaking, no one can take it from him.  But somehow my money's still on Tara.  The girl does not lose.

Sorry this was so ranting and raving, but like I said, the show is getting weary and I'm getting weary.  Where's the inspiration??  And did anyone understand Jillian's trainer tip with the deck of cards?  G and I debated it for a while and couldn't come to consensus.


  1. Mike was a little arrogant in my opinion which was a little disappointing.

  2. I've never watched the show before but got hooked this season. It's a little train-wrecky, no? I can't look away! I like Mike and think that it's great he's gained confidence, but the flipside of that is he's coming across as cocky. Not smart to brag in front of the other competitors - Tara might kill you in your sleep! And I agree, Ron comes across as sanctimonious, sleazy and manipulative. Dude, at least be HONEST about your machinations! I'm kind of hoping Tara snatches victory away from the brown team. This is a little ranty, sorry! I guess I didn't realize I felt so strongly about the subject :-)