Thursday, April 16, 2009

it's all good

Just a midweek check-in here, trying to talk through the weekend and make a plan.

First, thanks to Tara for the words of encouragement regarding my situation earlier in the week--after some delicious fiber-n-flax smoothies (well, they weren't cold or blended, I'm just trying to make them seem appetizing) as well as Metamucil and eating only fruits and veggies on Monday, I'm back on track.

Tuesday night, as I mentioned, G and I went out for a long overdue fancy dinner out.  At this point, I think it was my birthday dinner (should have been in October) and our Valentine's day dinner.  I ate exactly what I wanted (tempura battered oysters as an appetizer; suckling pig confit over lentils and brussels sprouts with a poached egg for an entree; several spoonfuls of G's shortcake with brandy sauce for dessert) and it was delicious.  I did manage to meet my goal of leaving a few bites on the plate, which made me feel like I had power over the meal rather than the meal having power over me.

The tricky thing, though, with using up all my flex points so early in the week is that now I have to navigate a few other tricky situations.  Tonight is a little cocktail party in my department.  We're honoring people with achievements in the last year, and I'm one of them.  There's going to be wine and beer as well as a cheese platter and Mediterranean platter.  My plan is to eat light in the day and get in a 4 mile run, then try to be reasonable tonight.  It'll be hard to count points exactly, but I won't use that as an excuse to go overboard.

Tomorrow night there's a benefit dinner with the in-laws.  I know that the main food will be boneless skinless chicken breast (it says so on the flyers, which I think is kind of funny) but I'm guessing there will be things like rolls or dessert available.  In other words, more calories than I want to spend.  So once again I'll have to do my best and limit any other treats.

This is a lot of words to basically psyche myself up for good decision-making.  If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!

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  1. Your welcome for the encouragement! I'm really glad that the situation has "resolved" itself.

    Event planning is THE hardest part of eating right in my opinion. It throws all your carefully laid plans to the wind and you kinda have to scramble to make the best of the situation. But, that's all you can do, your best.

    Good luck!