Tuesday, April 21, 2009

get over it

Favorite phrase in high school:  "Here's you.  Here's a bridge.  Get over it."

Well, I did get over it.  It must have been providence that my last post disappeared, meaning that instead of reviewing all the crap I ate last weekend, I can just tell you about my kick-ass workout last night.*

I ran over the Ben Franklin Bridge, which spans the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The link shows some cool pictures that I am too ethical to steal and post here, but do click.  This thing is a monster.  It takes, like 5 years to repaint it.  The whole run, starting a few blocks from the bridge, was just under 4 miles, but almost half of that is at an incline.  AND yesterday it was cold and rainy and miserable, perfect weather for making an excuse not to exercise.  I was huffing along, looking down at the cars, rain pelting my face and feeling like hail, and thinking, "This is fucking GREAT!"  

*In the interest of forthrightness, here's last weekend.  There are reasons, excuses, justifications--even some good ones.  But the facts speak for themselves: bread, french fries, beer, blueberry pancakes, sour cream and onion potato chips, cadbury creme egg, 5 buffalo wings, 4 slices of pizza, more beer.


  1. You live in Philly. So do I. Well outside of Philly. Great run!

  2. Hi kristisummer, that's so cool! I love this area--moved here for college and never left.