Monday, May 25, 2009

weigh in/month 5 reflection

Happy Memorial Day!

In spite of my bad weekend behavior I'm owning my weigh in and not shoving it off til next week.
The scale is down to 184, which means I lost 3.5 pounds this month.  As usual, I would love it to be more but I'll take it as long as it keeps going down.

This month I participated in a 10 mile run, cooked some really tasty and nutritious food, and officially settled back into almost all of my old clothes that I've been too big for in the last few years.  I'm a size 16 right now, which is the size I've been since my senior year in high school.  I feel generally fit and like myself, whereas 20+ pounds ago I felt like a heavy, uncomfortable version of myself.

All that's great, but I have to remind myself that no matter how comfortable I feel at this weight, it's not OK to weigh 184 pounds as a lady who tops out at 5 feet 2 inches.  I'm smack in middle of "obese" on the BMI index, with 20+ more pounds to lose before I'm just gloriously overweight.

So I'm off for a 8 mile walk.  Then I'm going to plan my meals for the week.  

Hope you're all finding new ways to make yourself keep going with whatever it is you're working on!

Current weight: 184
Pounds to goal: 61
Pounds lost: 27.5
Current BMI: 33.7

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