Tuesday, May 12, 2009

weigh in/week 18 reflection

Last week was another crazy one.  I gained half a pound, and I'm shocked it wasn't more.  In fact, I'm assuming I'll go up a bit this week, at least in the next few days.  

After my mom left Tuesday, G and I tried to be good Wednesday through Friday.  I got to the gym twice and counted points.  G called it a Sandwich Week, because we had stuff going on both weekends and nothing but willpower to get us through the days in-between.  In the past, this would have meant that we used those days to satisfy every craving we'd ever had, but we managed to do pretty well.  But only for those three days.

Once the weekend arrived and our friends from out of town showed up, it was an eating and drinking orgy.  I ate terrible and I felt terrible--not mentally, but physically.  There were some positive things--we walked a lot, and I made myself stop eating and drinking at different times because I knew I would get sick, but basically it was the old Forthright Fattie.

Luckily, yesterday was perfect--counted points, ate fruits and veggies all day, got a 3 mile walk in.  Right now I'm heading to the gym.    I have a month before my friend's wedding in Indiana, and I'd like to be right at 180 by the time that rolls around.

Current weight: 186
Pounds to goal: 63
Weight lost: 25.5 

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