Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Biggest Loser Breakdown

And breakdown is right!  I was really entertained by this episode while watching it, but I felt so dirty, so cheap.  While I do not believe that all reality TV is scripted (my father-in-law firmly believes this) last night's episode was so freakin' fishy.  Why didn't Jillian work out Filipe?  How exactly did the black team arrive at the decision to take tequila shots?  And how in the heck did Mandi gain two pounds while apparently working like crazy?

I'm not suggesting there was actual tampering with the weigh-in results, I just found some of the "drama" of the episode highly artificial.  The best way to deal with that is to ignore, so let's talk about the good stuff: challenges and weigh-ins.

I loved the relay challenge.  It seemed pretty hardcore, but both teams rocked it.  I try to store up the images in my head of things like Aubrey busting out those squats or Sione taking those stairs two at a time so that when I'm considering bailing on my own workout, I can play a little mental motivation montage.

The weigh-in was the worst one all season in terms of pounds lost.  I'm guessing next week we'll see some big numbers.  Here's my take on the remaining contestants and their chances to go all the way (in terms of weight, not winning the $$):

Tara:  She's won pretty much every competition the show has had, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if she shows up at the finale with the biggest percentage of weight loss.  I could see the girl eating asparagus and coffee for weeks just to ensure her win.

Laura:  Not much of a threat, but don't underestimate her.  She's a good candidate for falling off the wagon when she heads home, but I don't think the producers allow anyone to really do that.

Aubrey:  Such an odd mixture of grit (see: busting out the squats) and very low weight losses.  She consistently loses less than people expect her to--is she sneaking food at night or something?

Filipe:  His fun-guy attitude could get in the way.  And give me a break with the "Why did I let my trainer ruin my week?"  Dude, you ruined your own damn week with those chicken fingers and fries.  I'm all about moderation and allowing yourself treats, but you've got to own those decisions.

Sione:  Has all the determination Filipe seems to lack.  Huge threat.

Kristin:  I'm still thinking she might win it all.  She's just got so much weight left to lose and seems as determined as ever.  What's with the "medical issues," though?

Cathy:  I doubt she's a threat to win this thing, but she seems like a cool lady.  And the fact that she quit drinking and smoking suggests she's got willpower if she can just figure out how to harness it in the food department.

Mike:  Another huge threat to win.  And seems like a nice guy, too.

Ron:    Shut up.

Helen:  Getting small, seems like a lot of fun.  I'm guessing she'll win the prize for looking the foxiest (in comparison to her old self, not necessarily the other competitors) at the finale.

What does everyone else think?  Does this show motivate you, discourage you, or just f*ing annoy you?

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