Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mmm, pasta

Last night I ate pasta (real pasta, not whole wheat or enriched) for the first time since all year.  It was soooo delicious.  And I don't feel guilty about it!  Why?  Because I did my 3 mile run earlier in the day and ate light and counted my points.  This is why the Weight Watchers approach works for me--because there will always be a time when someone puts pasta in front of you, and being able to eat it in moderation is OK.  

Let me tell you--this was pasta carbonara, which means there was bacon in it.  Also, it was fresh pasta purchased from a little old Italian lady, not from a box.  A friend had invited us over and offered to cook for us, and how rude would it have been if I'd said, "Oh, sorry, no pasta for me."  We planned for it and we enjoyed the heck out out of it.

Funny thing: during my run I passed a camera crew filming a familiar looking guy wearing a black leather jacket.  It hit me--that's the guy from America's Most Wanted!  Not that I've ever seen the show, but I got home and googled him and sure enough, that was the guy!  

Full disclosure: after the pasta we went to a bar and had a few drinks.  I was the DD so I nursed two beers very slowly, but when we got home I felt entitled to catch up with G and had a few more drinks.  I feel slightly guilty about that.  I mean, I counted the points and subtracted a few from my flex points, but I'm still working on moderation in that one area.  

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