Monday, March 2, 2009

weigh-in/month 2

Down 1.5 pounds for a grand total of 16.  That's a rate of 8/month, or 2/week, although it was actually 10 pounds in the first month and 6 in the second.  Whatever, numbers are boring.  

Yesterday I did indeed eat a Cadbury Creme egg and some bread, cheese, and ravioli for dinner. However, I exercised, I had all my flex points, and I didn't drink at all this weekend!  (Except for the hot toddies, which seriously were medicinal and I would have preferred Nyquil if we had it.)

I'm very pleased, partly about the number, but more so because I know that this has been the most committed and diligent 8 weeks of "dieting" I've ever strung together, and it hasn't even felt like a hassle or I'm depriving myself.  (Most of the time--see the last entry for one exception.)  In other words, I can keep this up!

March will be tough.  My dad is coming to visit for a week, and that will be capped off by a three-day family reunion/wedding celebration.  We'll be out of town, and who knows where/what we'll eat.  As the time gets closer, I'll make some specific plans, probably along the lines of allowing myself to go crazy at the wedding reception and trying to be really good the rest of the time.

I'd love to get to 21.5 pounds lost this month--that would be 10% of my weight.  But if I don't, I won't stress, because when I initially set mini-goals, my first was to be in the 195 pound range by my cousin's wedding, and barring any unexpected binges, I'll be under that.

Current weight: 195.5  
Pounds to goal: 72.5

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