Monday, March 9, 2009

reader question: running outside

Just typing that subject heading makes me laugh, because it makes it sound like A) I have readers and B) I have something to say about running outside.  Neither of which is really a true proposition if tested, but in this teeny tiny blog o' mine, they are relatively accurate.

So thanks DEE!  My first question from a reader!  Woo-hoo!  (No joke, this made my day.)

Dee asks: "Did you find it easier, or harder, to run outside vs the treadmill?"

Forthright Fattie answers:  Physically harder, mentally easier.  It's a real workout for my ankles to navigate curbs, potholes, ignorant pedestrians, and cheesesteak vomit.*  I could barely walk down the stairs yesterday when I was done.  However, the changing scenery and the fact that you have to get back to where you started makes it so much easier to keep going.  On a treadmill, I find it a herculean effort not to look at the mileage marker the whole time (even if I cover it with a towel) and get discouraged about how far I've gone/have to go.

*I live near the cheesesteak capital of the world, and when I ran past it Sunday, there was definitely evidence of an unpleasant digestive experience.  The worst part was that my shoes were slippery afterwards.  I'm so sorry if I have now ruined anyone's dinner, but hey!  weight loss blog!

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