Monday, March 23, 2009

weigh in/week 11 reflection

I'm back!  At least, physically I'm back.  I'm still working on the mental part.

Last week my dad came to stay starting on Monday.  On Thursday relatives started arriving from distant locations for my cousin's wedding, about an hour from where I live.  Friday we all drove out, where we met up with my mom and sister and the rest of the extended clan.  We celebrated all weekend, returning to Philadelphia yesterday to show off a few of our favorite (food-related, of course) spots.  My mom and sister camped here last night, and took off this morning.  In other words, it has been a full week of company, fun, messed up schedules, weird sleep patterns, and eating.  

I knew back in January that this week would present a particular challenge, and I tried to plan ahead.  I called my dad several times with questions about vegetable preferences and meal planning.  My dad has lost a lot of weight, and is always working to maintain that loss.  On one of the calls, he said, "I don't care what you make for dinner, I just don't want the whole week to be like a celebration with lots of food."  Excellent!

Except that as soon as he arrived, all plans went out the window.  I'm not sure if he was just relaxing, or if he thought G and I wanted to go nuts, but every time I turned around he was buying a donut or suggesting we eat out instead of cooking at home.  I did pretty good while he was here, but I didn't count points and it definitely loosened my resolve heading into the weekend.  Here's the summary:

Monday: seafood dinner, including a crab cake sandwich and steamed mussels, wine

Tuesday: 3 mile run, lunch at the Indian buffet (I only had one plateful! a huge departure from my usual behavior! furious pats on the back!), I made salmon for dinner, whiskey and wine

Wednesday: homemade hummus and pita for lunch, dinner with G's family at a seafood restaurant (I chose broiled shrimp, but they were swimming in butter), wine

Thursday:  I ran 7 miles! joy!  homemade quesadillas for lunch, dinner at an Italian restaurant with my aunt (I ate several slices of bread, some pasta, and half of my eggplant parm.  Hey, good for me, leaving half of my meal on the plate!), wine

Friday:  Did 17 pushups in a row.  Ate a banana for breakfast and declined my dad's offer to buy me a treat at the bakery (I'm so glad I'm not tempted by sweets); restaurant sandwich with chips for lunch, 2 slices of pizza and some Chinese food for dinner (I did avoid all alcohol)

Saturday: tried to run on the hotel treadmill but it was really crappy and I was scared I'd sprain my ankle so I only did a mile and a half); 2 biscuits and 2 sausage patties for breakfast, two small sandwiches for lunch, a plate of buffet food at dinner, piece of cheesecake, some beer, some wine, a rum and coke

Sunday: biscuit and bacon for breakfast, noodles at my favorite restaurant for lunch, chicken wings for dinner, margarita, two beers.

WOW.  Writing it out like this, I can see the trend: tried to maintain exercise and make good choices throughout the early part of the week, patted myself on the back, went nuts over the weekend.  It could have been worse, it could have been better.  At this point, it's over, so after this e-confession, I am putting it all behind me.

I wasn't going to weigh in this morning, but I did and I'm only up half a pound.  Honestly, I'm thrilled.  And I'm ready to get back on the normal routine of healthy, fresh, homecooked meals with serious exercise and the occasional treat.

Current weight: 194
Pounds to goal: 71

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  1. Weeks like that are diet-derailers, so good for you on making the best choices you could in any given arena! Plus, you get a round of applause from me for leaving food behind.