Sunday, March 1, 2009

time for some TRUTH!

The tone of this blog is generally upbeat, and that's because this weight-loss thing is going pretty well.  However, I would hate to sugar-coat anything or lead anyone to believe that minor setbacks don't happen, so I shall hereby catalog my day today.

10:45 - Wake up, try go get G to make a plan for our first training run together before he's had coffee, bicker, cry.

11:45 - Learn that a foot of snow will descend starting around 4 p.m., redouble my efforts to set a time for training run while G is distracted by minor things like preventing our roof from leaking (which it did terribly the last time it snowed), bicker, yell, scream, run out the door with the parting shot of "Fine, I'll just train by MYSELF, then, I don't NEED you!"

12:00 - Ride the subway to the gym on the verge of tears because I can't do this by myself and I do need him.

1:00 - Stop running 1.5 miles into what's supposed to be a 3 mile run because
    A.  I'm too emotional to run.
B.  I'm coming down with a cold.
C.  My legs are really sore.
D.  I'm a quitter!

1:30 - Ride the subway home on the verge of tears because I'm a quitter.

2:00 - Weep on G's shoulder because I didn't run far enough, will never be able to complete the run, am getting sick, will invariably gain double what I've lost, die of fatness.

2:30 - Send G to the grocery store for "bread and chocolate" with the vow that "I'm going to eat whatever I want!"

3:00 - Decide to watch Pineapple Express and pat myself on the shoulder because I don't smoke, pot or otherwise.


  1. Oh that was a laugh; not at your crying, but because I make those same vows:"I had a really bad day so I deserve to eat a pint of ice cream and not exercise at all".

  2. I think you can make the run! I am thinking of signing up for a 5K even though I hate running. I am thinking of trying the From the Couch to the 5K program since I'm not the best runner right now.

    Good for you for listening to your body, though - that's important, too.

    You can do it! :)

  3. eemilla: Glad you enjoyed it--some days you just need ice cream.

    thechiclife: Thanks for the vote of confidence, and good luck with your own training. I've heard great things about that Couch to 5k program. Slow and steady--it's such a rush when you realize you've just run further than you ever thought possible before.