Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After acquanting myself with the world of diet blogs over the last few weeks, I've decided to do away with the daily reports. I'd like people to actually read my blog, and to enjoy it, and I think the daily posts about what I eat just get in the way. I'll still be keeping my Moleskin journal and writing everything there, just not posting. I've almost filled the first Moleskin, which is a bit of an accomplishment. I did that once before, and then lost focus and never filled a second one and gained back all the weight, so I'm determined to keep tracking this time. It really is the best thing for keeping me on track. I will, however, continue to post links to new recipes that I try.

Speaking of which, I've been sick and miserable this week. Monday my school was the only one open in a 20 mile radius, in spite of snow and ice and crazy wind. I indulged in some Pho (kind of a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup) and then went home and made G get me Doritos...whoops. Yesterday I decided to give myself the day off completely: no thinking about school, points, exercise, etc. I ate badly, but not terribly. As in, I had Chick Fil A for dinner rather than pizza and wings. At first I felt bummed out, like this cold was going to result in a major weight gain and really throw me off, but then I decided it doesn't have to be that way. I'm going to let go of yesterday, but assume that I've used all my flex points for the week. Which means I have to be perfect this weekend. Theoretically it shouldn't be tough because we don't have anything planned, no eating out, no parties, etc. However, I know that Sunday night I'll feel like I deserve a treat. Time to summon that willpower!

On the exercise front, I'm two days into the hundred pushup challenge and did 5 in a row this morning. I haven't run since my bad run Sunday, but I'm hoping I'll feel better enough to get into the gym tomorrow, even if I can't do the full 3 miles because I'm still congested.

So that's this week. Trying to make reasonable decisions even when you kind of have an excuse not to. Wish me luck!

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