Wednesday, January 21, 2009

biggest loser episode 3

The love-hate relationship continues, this week a little more hate then love.

-I think the temptations are just stupid.  In my mind, if the potential benefit outweighs (hehe) the potential detriment, then it is not a bad thing to choose to participate in the temptation.  There just doesn't seem to be much of a real-world correlation here.  (I realize I'm asking a lot of a reality show, but still.)  The way the temptations are set up, if you falter, you are wrong, period.  I suppose it's supposed to show that you can always rationalize making a bad decision, and urge contestants not to do that, but it seems so black and white, like if you ever eat a bite of fast food, you have failed.  And while certainly the fried chicken and cupcakes on display last night should be avoided, particularly when attempting to lose weight, I don't think it's healthy at all to pretend that there will never be an occasion to eat such food.  In fact, I think Joelle might chill the F*%# out if she just got some McDonalds, as apparently Carla did.  All or nothing thinking seems destined for failure.  Which is why I prefer Weight Watchers to the Atkins diet.

-Where was Dan during the temptation?  

-Big kudos to Kristin and Tara for their effort in the challenge.  Tara, to me, looks like the woman to beat.  If she falls below the yellow line and the other team decides to play strategically, I think they'd have to get rid of her.  Her attitude contributes a lot to her team, and her monopoly on challenges is a threat.

-Orange kid at home, what are you DOING?  Last week it was hot dogs, this week it's fried chicken?  When the person you're with is eating salad?  Hello???

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