Thursday, January 15, 2009

gimme a break

One of my favorite things is the feeling of superiority I get when I can see through a ridiculous health claim.  (Hey, this blog is about honesty.  We all like to feel superior.  Fact.)  

Here's a good one:  bon appetit magazine (which I actually really enjoy, and get tasty, easy, and somewhat light recipes out of) now claims that using a knife instead of a food processor is exercise. 

 That's utterly ridiculous.  It may burn approximately two more calories than holding the food processor button down, but it is not in any way exercise.  I'm sorry.  I'm the kind of person who pats myself on the back for some pretty ridiculous shit and calls it exercise*, but even I cannot go this far.

*For example: doing housework, shopping, standing when I could be sitting, being cold.

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