Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biggest Loser musings and week two thoughts

-Still enjoying The Biggest Loser against my better judgment.  This week, I felt for the contestants in their dilemma over who to eliminate (elderly guy who fainted on day 1, or the Biggest! Contestant! Ever! who is so young and needs help so much).  I also sympathized with the week 2 angst, since I'm also worrying that my body will adjust itself to the new regimen and the weight won't come off.  I also wondered what's up with the guy at home eating two hot dogs and french fries as soon as he got back?  And isn't Joelle's partner awesome, with her "sweating to the oldies in the living room" routine?  I'd like to borrow a little of her drive and Tara's enthusiasm.  I do wonder how much intervention the producers make with the contestants at home--do they all get gym memberships, or are the wealthier contestants better off in that department, just like in real life?

-Yesterday I ate out for the first time since beginning this thing.  (It's only been a week in a half, but it still feels like an accomplishment to go that long without eating out.)  I had a meeting which took place at a sports bar/pub kind of place.  I planned ahead of time that I would get a garden salad and some kind of soup, and I actually wasn't tempted at all by the burgers/fries section of the menu.  I was pretty pleased about this, because in the past, G and I have tended to consider eating out something beyond our control.  And certainly, I think that on special occasions at nice restaurants, you have to eat what you want otherwise you'll eventually crash and burn.  But during a lunch meeting?  I didn't need anything beyond what I had.

-Looking ahead to the weekend: we'll be hosting a playoff-watching party with a few friends and the in-laws.  G will be making burgers and I'm going to do sweet potato fries.  He's also going to put out a mini-keg.  As long as I'm good the rest of the week, I won't feel too bad about enjoying those offerings, and, um, yeah.  I'm looking forward to the look on my mother-in-law's face when she sees the keg.  Had to be said.

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