Saturday, January 10, 2009

weekend worries

Eating well and exercising during the week is one thing, but weekends have always been my Kryptonite.  Weight Watchers (at least the plan I'm roughly following, which is several years old) allows for this by giving you 35 bonus points per week (you get a certain points allowance each day--right now mine is 26).  So theoretically, if you stay on points during the week and then go out to eat or to a party on the weekend, you can enjoy yourself a little, let loose.  Unfortunately, over time, G and I let this turn into an approach best described as "weekends=free-for-all." Which just doesn't work.

This weekend, I knew that we would be hanging out with friends on Sunday to watch a playoff game, so I wanted that to be our only activity that would tempt us.  I went so far as declaring that G could not call anyone to make plans for Saturday, even though he wanted to.  However, I don't always want to be this restrictive--I want to be able to have fun without consuming copious amounts of calories.  I hope I can learn to do this, and live like a normal person on the weekends, but for the first weekend, I decided to be super strict.

So far, so good.  We ate stuffed squash and chicken sausage for dinner last night, and I have a bean casserole in the oven tonight.  I'm particularly impressed with our efforts today because we were out shopping and really wanted to get Chick Fil A.  We can usually rationalize Chick Fil A because it's healthier than other fast food, but we decided it just wasn't the best idea.  

Now, we just have to stay away from the liquor cabinet--another major weekend temptation.

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