Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's not revolutionary, but a few things I've read recently have stressed the benefit of cooking for yourself instead of eating at restaurants.  I know this, and I enjoy cooking, but one of the dangers of where we live is that you can get anything delivered to you in 30 minutes, or take your pick of delicious restaurants just a few minutes away.  In the fall, and particularly over the holidays, G and I were ordering in at least once a week.  Even when we ordered from the healthy Mediterranean place--and often it was the pizza joint or wings or Chinese--I know that the calories were much higher than if I had cooked myself.  One of the things I'm most pleased about with our progress in January and a few days of February is the lack of ordering in or eating out unless there's a good reason.  We haven't ordered in once, and we've only eaten out when other people were involved.  Over time, even if I weren't being scrupulous with points, I think this would make a big difference in our health.

Here's one of the articles.  It's about Biggest Loser contestants struggling to cook.

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