Saturday, February 21, 2009

daily report 2/20/2009

8 almonds

55 minute bike
got acquainted with a machine that claims to work deltoids
2 mile run

Post-exercise treat:
Triple tall extra hot 2% sugar-free vanilla latte*

TJs 99% fat free bean burrito

Romesco sauce with grilled fish and veggies
3 small slices of baguette
small glass of wine

Mad Men Nightcap:
2 Manhattans

*I've had a Starbucks card burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas, and after my workout yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to have some delicious, healthy milk.  In latte form. Only problem is that counting points forces you to order like an asshole, with the 2% thing and the sugar-free vanilla thing.  Honestly, I've worked at Starbucks, and I'm kind of over it.  But I did enjoy the latte.  (In my own defense, I had to order extra hot because I had to walk a few blocks home before enjoying it.  I'm not a Starbucks asshole, I swear!)

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