Tuesday, February 10, 2009

weigh in/week 5 reflection

I decided to do my weigh-in Tuesday this week because of certain issues it wouldn't be pleasant to go into.  Anyway.  I was down .5, which is a bit of a disappointment because I had a really good week, but considering the 4 pound loss the week before, I can't complain.  Also, I had a few more drinks Friday and Saturday than I wanted to, so that was probably a factor.

Sunday night was one of those nights of agony that you sometimes have when you're trying to lose weight.  I had been pretty good all weekend--like I said, a few too many drinks, but solid exercise and healthy, home-cooked food.  G and I went to a local park and did their 5-mile walking trail Sunday afternoon, and really enjoyed it.  On the way home, one of us (I think it was probably me) was struck with the notion of going out to dinner to a place that we have been meaning to go to since the summer.  It's basically a seafood oriented sports bar, and we have been wanting to go and order their beer tower, a pile of mussels, and their famous crab fries.  (Oh my gosh, so good, so bad.)  

We went back and forth pretty half-heartedly the whole way home, and for a while after that.  I figured I had had a decent week, and had a bunch of points from the exercise that day, and we had been wanting to do it forever...but ultimately I told G I just couldn't do it, mainly because of the aforementioned beer tower.  (It works out to about 10 beers, so five each.)  Had I not had a few drinks earlier in the weekend, I may have been up for it, but I just couldn't justify.  However, I proposed an alternative: order Caesar salads and baked potato wedges from the Mediterranean place.*  This seemed perfect: we still get to eat "out," but we stay within our points and don't drink.

We were set.  We were happy.  The place was closed.  

Things went into a tailspin--we talked about ordering Chinese, going out to a restaurant but trying to be good (or just not bad), about cooking something really appealing like a plate full of pasta.  In the end, we ate the bean stew I was making for lunches that week.  All told, this was a HUGE accomplishment.

*This place makes their own yolk-free dressings, and unlike most restaurant salads, it really is healthy.

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