Thursday, February 12, 2009


The other day G and I got a call from some very good friends who are recently arrived back in the U.S. after being stationed in Germany with the army (and this time away included a tour in Iraq).
They wanted to know if this was a good weekend to visit.

My first thought?  


See, the husband wants to get cheesesteaks, and G wants to grill sausages, and we'll probably go out for brunch.  And all this food--not to mention the copious amounts of beer that will be available--is all I could think about when they said they were coming--how can I resist the temptations, what can I have on hand to snack on while they eat chips and pretzels, when will I find time to exercise?

I don't like that that was my reaction.  I want to be chill about weight loss, trust myself to make the right choices rather than stressing that I won't.  Not sure how to get there, though.

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