Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the little things

I've developed a few little strategies over the last two months that might be worth sharing.  These are not blow-your-mind ideas, but small pointers for saving or burning a few calories here and there.

1)  Drink while cooking.
In the past, this meant a glass of wine.  It just seemed so grown-up and elegant to sip at red wine while preparing a fabulous meal.  Now, however, I try to remember to grab one of my many (refillable, sustainable) water bottles from the fridge and polish it off while I cook.  I know that I've been satisfied with smaller portions lately, and this may have helped.

2) Surreptitious subway moves
While waiting for the subway, which I do at least twice a day, I saunter to the edge of the crowd and stand on my tiptoes.  60 times.  My calves burn when I'm done!  I contemplated doing wall pushups, but decided that would draw too much attention.

3)  The Ipod is for more than just music.
Derrr.  But I only figured this out recently.  My gym routine now consists of a warmup on the stationary bike for about 52 minutes--the length of one episode of Big Love.  I alternate 5 minutes at level 14 and 5 minutes at level 5, and by the time it's over, I've burned around 400 calories without getting bored.  Then I head to the treadmill and the real workout begins!  I tried watching TV episodes while running, but I need a beat.

What else?

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