Saturday, February 28, 2009

wicked behavior

Betcha think I'm going to confess to eating a deep fried twinkie or drinking half my weight in beer...but no!  Instead I am going to confess to being totally, deeply lame.

I like musicals.  Broadway musicals.

Wait!  Hear me out!  I also like indie music and foreign films and serious literature and I'm SO over impressionist art!  I have some standards!

But I do enjoy my Rent CDs.  

I've often thought recently, while running away on the treadmill like a hamster, with my ipod on shuffle, that it would be nice if I could watch TV AND listen to music at the same time.  The plotline of a TV show combined with the beat of the music would keep me running for hours, I'm sure.  But for all the gadgetry Apple puts into its little mp3 player, I don't believe there's a "watch Alias with subtitles while listening to Beyonce" function.

And then it occurred to me: musicals.  Musicals have a plotline AND a beat!  They might keep my mind interested as well as my feet pounding!  So today I tested it out, on my first "long run" of the 10 mile training program.  I needed to run 4 miles, so I synced my Wicked CD onto my ipod and it was AMAZING.  The first 1.6 miles absolutely flew by.  Then I accidentally hit the stop button on the treadmill and had to curse myself out and do the math to figure out how much further I had to go while desperately jabbing the "quick start" button so as not to lose my momentum.  It definitely decreased the momentum, but I kept going.

The only problem was my need to make jazz hands during any particularly soaring musical moments.  Oh Elphaba.  I'M going to fly, defying gravity, dammit!

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